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Benefits and Services Overview

Part of our mission is to help veterans identify and access benefits. There is a wide range of county, state, and federal benefits related to education, employment, finance, health care, housing, legal assistance, recreation, taxes, and more. Use our Benefits Expert to help guide you to the benefits you’re interested in or learn about some of the most-used benefits. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact your County Veterans Service Officer or a State Service Officer.

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Benefits Expert

There are a lot of benefits available for veterans and their family members. Our Benefits Expert will guide you through all the county, state, and federal benefits available to help you find just the ones you are eligible for or interested in.

Most Popular Benefits and Services

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Nebraska Veterans’ Aid

Nebraska Veterans’ Aid is available for veterans, spouses, and dependents to help pay for certain items in the event of an emergency.

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Waiver of Tuition

Waiver of Tuition can help dependents of eligible veterans get 100% of tuition charges and related fees waived at certain Nebraska universities.

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DD-214 Request

Request a copy of your DD-214 discharge papers, which are required to verify your service when applying for many veterans benefits.

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Informational Resources

NDVA Guide to Veterans’ Benefits

We created this veterans benefits guide to provide general information on the wide variety of benefits available to veterans, spouses, dependents, and in some cases even parents. We highly encourage you to work with your County Veterans’ Service Officer or the NDVA State Service Office to apply for benefits listed in this guidebook.

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County, State, and Federal Benefits Overview

The Nebraska Department of Veterans’ Affairs has compiled information on benefits available to veterans at the County, State, and Federal levels. 

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Nebraska Veterans Benefits

Here you’ll find a list of the benefits available to veterans, active duty military, and spouses across the different agencies in the State of Nebraska, as well as a list of licensure benefits available through the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

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