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Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs

DD-214 Online Request

The Department of Defense Form 214 (DD 214) is an official government document and as such, may only be released to the following individuals or organizations:

  1. Government agencies and recognized Veteran Service Organizations (for official use only);
  2. Veterans requesting their own DD 214 (must show proof of identification in person or provide a notarized letter with a mailing address before the documents will be released);
  3. Individuals that demonstrate a legal relationship to the veteran such as an attorney or guardian;
  4. Family members of deceased veterans (Relationship must be established ex. death certificate);
  5. Family members for genealogy purposes (Relationship may need to be established; DD 214 information may be redacted;
  6. Third party requests (funeral homes, mortgage lenders, employers, etc.) must be arranged through a County Veterans Service Officer (CVSO) to receive a copy.

*NDVA will only certify DD 214s that were received from an official source such as the Department of Defense and reserves the right to deny any request for a DD 214.

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