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Nebraska Department of Veterans' Affairs

Grounds and Floral Policy

Please do not approach services being held at the Committal Shelter unless you are a family member of the deceased or an invited guest of the family.

No parking on the grass.

Pets are not allowed on cemetery property.

Service Animals:
Animals that are registered, certified, or trained as defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are welcome.

Fresh Cut Flowers:
Allowed on graves throughout the year. Temporary containers are provided by the cemetery for your convenience.

Artificial Flowers:
Allowed on graves as early as 7 days before and up to 7 days after the following nationally recognized holidays - Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Easter, and Christmas.

Interment Flowers:
Allowed on graves the day of interment and up to 7 days after.

Holiday Blankets and Christmas Wreaths:
Allowed on graves from December 10th through December 31st.

The United States flag is allowed on graves any day of the year. The flag cannot be attached to the headstone and they must be lower in height than the grave headstone. Cemetery staff will remove flags that have become weathered or faded.

Unauthorized Decorations:
At no time can there be a display on the graves of glass, breakable items, permanent plantings, balloons, vigil lights, streamers, hanging ornaments, personal belongings, photos, shepherds hooks, hanging baskets, or other items that detract from the uniformity and military aesthetics of a veteran's cemetery.

Unauthorized Planting or Digging:
At no time can there be planting of any item or the burial of any item on cemetery grounds without written consent from the Cemetery Administrator.

Unauthorized Use of Headstone:
At no time can any item be affixed, attached, glued, taped, tied, or connected by any other means to a headstone, tree, shrub, plant, or any other structure on the cemetery property. Altering of headstones in any way is prohibited.

Offensive Displays:
At no time can there be the display of any item that may be interpreted as offensive, in poor taste, insensitive, degrading, insulting, or demeaning of the intent of the dignified setting of a veteran's cemetery and national shrine.

Removal of Displays:
Cemetery staff will dispose of all memorial items remaining on graves after the holiday or a reasonable time period as determined by the Administration.


Thank You For Respecting The Privacy Of Other Visitors To The Cemetery!