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Instructions for Completing an Application for Reservist Tuition Credit

Our office will not accept photocopied or scanned applications; we must have all original signatures on the document.

NE Revised State Statute 4-108 requires a United States Citizenship Attestation Form to be submitted with each application for Tuition Credit. NE R.S.S. 4-108 requires the verification of lawful presence in the United States for recipients of public benefits, public contractors and public employees.

The Reserve Unit will fill out an original application with the reservist. The Commanding Officer certifies that the reservist's performance is satisfactory and signs the application. The Unit will forward the application & US Citizenship Attestation Form directly to the following address:

Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs
ATTN: Reservist Tuition Credit
PO Box 95083
Lincoln NE 68509-5083

Once our office receives the application, we will review it for statutory compliance and verify that it is completed correctly. If the applicant meets the criteria and the number of entitlements allowed each calendar year has not been exceeded, our office will endorse the application & assign an application number (this number will be used for the duration of the reservist's schooling using the Tuition Credit Program).

Prior to the beginning of each subsequent term, the reservist will need to complete a Re-certification Form & submit it to the approved school to continue receiving the 50% Tutition Credit.

A student is allowed to miss the Summer Term without penalty. If any other term is missed & the student wishes to return to school, a new application will need to be completed.

Changing Schools

If the reservist has been awarded tuition credit at one school and wishes to change schools, a new application will have to be submitted for consideration of tuition credit at the new school. Complete the application & check the box "Previous Applicant - Academic Transfer"; forward the application to our office for endorsement.